Everything in DLB Caddy is linked to the main part of the referral url (i.e. with the ID and any www, http:// or https// removed.

E.g. dlbcaddy.com?rid= might be one.

Ordinarily, if your downline builders are consistent, you will only have one ID per unique referral url.

However, you might occasionally pick up an additional one if a downline builder ID had a type or you accidentally used the username rather than user id or vice versa.

You also might have visited a downline builder that asks you to enter the whole url rather than just the ID.

DLB Caddy also stores all your IDs against just the domain name, so in the example of DLB Caddy itself, dlbcaddy.com

This ensures that if you visit a downline builder with a different form or the referral link, DLB Caddy will still be able to populate your ID.

Sometimes a referral link might be entirely different, maybe because it's the link for a squeeze page or splash page or an alternate landing page.

DLB Caddy will do it's best to fill in these based either on the exact match for the url or, failing that, the generic domain.